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Wholesale Smokehouse Meats
  • Wholesale Smokehouse Meats


    Smoked Meat Menu

    Smoked Turkey Leg $20

    KC Pulled Pork $45

    KC Beef Brisket $75 (Point or Flat)

    Hickory Smoked Turkey $75

    • Artis Ts Smoked Meats

      Artis Ts is introducing our Kansas City Smoked Meats.

      Whole Beef Briskets, Whole Smoked Pork Butt,

      Smoked Turkey Legs, Whole Smoked Turkey,

      Smoked Pork Loin,

      Smoked T-Bone Steak,

      Whole Smoked Ham and More!

      Served Fresh Ready to Eat or Vacuum Packed Freezer Ready!

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